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Ocean State CrossFit Supplement Options

Ocean State’s portal through offers shoppers various supplements from the top brands in the industry!

By purchasing through this portal, shoppers receive a discounted price, making it one of the cheapest places to get your supps!

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Advocare exclusively offers its products through representatives.

Co-owner David Ward-Smith and Coach Ryan Tracy passionately work with athletes through the 24 Day Challenge.  They also provide knowledge on most Advocare products.

You can view and purchase Advocare supplements by clicking on the picture to the right. You may also visit our location in person.

At Ocean State, we usually have Spark, Catalyst, Recovery and Meal Replacements in stock!


Blonyx offers a pure form of HMB and Creatine to improve muscle strength and recovery during training.

Blonyx HMB and Creatine can be purchased through our portal on for 54 dollars, or in person at Ocean State for 60 dollars.



Lurong Living offers pure ground deer antler, proven to stimulate the brain’s production of Human Growth Hormone. HGH aids in muscle growth and is necessary for recovery.

Deer antler provides many other health benefits, including muscle development during strength training, and anti-inflamatory effects on the joints.

Lurong Living can be purchased through our portal on for 34 dollars, or in person at Ocean State for 40 dollars.