Summer of 2017

Sep 21st, 2017

Summer of 2017

Amazing events and incredible achievements occurred within the community of Ocean State CrossFit during the summer of 2017.

Walking Through Hell, Again

A member for five years, local physical education teacher and youth coach at Ocean State, Laura Perfetto, beat non hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2016. The treatment pushed her body to the limit, but she kept a positive mindset and came out on top.

After a vacation to Aruba with friends to celebrate beating the disease, Laura returned home feeling ill. Tests revealed it came back with several tumors and treatment would be more vigorous and invasive than her first battle.

While most people spent their summer working out and going to barbecues, Laura spent it in isolation, fighting for her life. From stem-cell transplants to radiation treatment, Laura fought like hell, doing everything she had to do.

June 10 fell right before the bulk of her treatment and she wanted to walk the Gaspee Day 5k, a road race in Warwick, Rhode Island. Tons of members from the Ocean State community surprised her at the starting line and joined her for the walk.

On September 18, Laura finished her last dose of radiation. She walked an unimaginable journey, twice in three years, and kept a positive attitude all the while. She did it, because she had to do it. #hammatime

The 6th Annual Master’s Throwdown

On June 11, Ocean State CrossFit hosted its annual competition for athletes over the age of 35. A fun day of competition brought in athletes from all over the North East. The top athletes in each division received their awards and a fun cookout and party ended the day!

Click here for a full write-up of the 6th Annual Master’s Throwdown!

The 2017 North East Fitness Invitational

The highest level fitness competition in Rhode Island took place at Ocean State CrossFit on June 24 and 25. NEFI brought in athletes from around the North East, including dozens of Regional athletes and even a few Games athletes.

The two-day competition hosted individuals on Saturday and teams on Sunday. Individuals consisted of men, women, masters and youth. The team competition hosted four-person teams, composed of two men and two women.

On the men’s podium, Games athlete and 2016 NEFI winner, Tristan Maiorano, took first place. Coming down from Buffalo, NY, and having personal records on the strength events and a savage work ethic throughout the day, Shane Stadtmueller took second place. A late addition to the registration list, Blake Sama, took third place.

All three athletes on the female podium qualified as individuals for the 2017 Regionals. Kristine Best took first place, Games athlete Taylor Ballek took second, and 18 year old Kelly Wilhide took third.
Former owner of Ocean State CrossFit and co-host of NEFI 2016, Aaron Meredith, hosted an after party on his party boat, the JaLynne. Aaron and business partner James Rosenthal, also original Ocean State member, took members of the community out on the water all summer long.

Memorial Day Murph

Ocean State CrossFit carried out the annual CrossFit tradition of honoring Lt. Michael Murphy and all the fallen American military members on Memorial Day.

The gnarly workout of 2 miles of running, 100 Pull-Ups, 200 Push-Ups and 300 Air Squats makes all who have done it cringe. Over 150 athletes participated this year, many of whom completed the workout in a weighted vest.

A cookout and party followed the fitness tribute. Tons of people enjoyed grilling, lawn games and beverages!

Original Gangsters Got Hitched

Kyle Lapinsky and Cassie Cordeiro have played active rolls in Ocean State CrossFit since its founding. Kyle, a full time employee at Electric Boat, has helped with construction projects at every space Ocean State has occupied.

Kyle has also dedicated his attention to Olympic Weightlifting and has coached Oly classes for several years. Cassie teaches physical education for a living and has worked with youth athletes at Ocean State.

The two started dating over ten years ago and finally tied the knot on July 2nd at Chamberlain Farm in Berkley, Mass. Over forty people in attendance were part of the Ocean State CrossFit community.


For the first time in almost two years, Ocean State hosted a group OnRamp! On July 10th, six athletes worked their butts off for two weeks and learned the fundamentals of CrossFit. These athletes have stayed with the program and are already showing incredible results!

Block Island

Long standing member of Ocean State CrossFit, Michelle Bliss, celebrates her birthday every year on Block Island in mid July. Being such a bright personality within the community, many people have joined in the celebration and the event has grown over the years.

On July 16, tons of people from Ocean State made their way to Block Island and met up on the beach for a day of fun in the sun!

CrossFit Games

Ocean State CrossFit brought a HUGE presence to the 2017 CrossFit Games! The crew of nine representatives hit the road on Aug 1 for the Games, which started on Aug 3.

The team, Ocean State’s Finest, competed with Ray Fleser as Captain, accompanied by Ashleigh Fleser (then Cornell), Christine Middleton, Alex Bozenhard, Taylor Ballek and Tristan Maiorano. After four days grueling competition the team finished 14th out of the top 40 in the world. With 4,700+ teams in the world, and about 400 in the North East who competed to be one of 15 to advance to Regionals, and then one of the top 5 to advance to the Games, the 14th place finish honored the team.

Richard Viera aka “Pops” competed as a Masters athlete in the 55-59 age group. After three years of trying to break top 20 in the online qualifier, this year he did. Richard entered the games in 14th worldwide, out of about 3,500. After four days of competition, he finished 7th in the world.

Co-owner David Ward-Smith joined helped with all the behind the scenes work, including transportation and travel logistics. Several members came out to Maddison, Wisconsin to spectate the Games and it was an incredible experience for all.

In Thickness and in Health

Ray Fleser, co-owner and Head Coach of Ocean State, married Ashleigh Cornell, coach at Ocean State, on Wednesday, August 30.


The couple met at the box four years ago and started dating immediately. The relationship has taken them on a wild adventure around the globe, filled with fitness competitions, dogs, traveling and amazing people.


The wedding took place at The Mountain Top Inn, in Chittenden, VT. Many members from Ocean State’s community joined in the celebration.