Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness

We all need to Squat; whether 500lbs in competition or getting off the couch. We all need to Deadlift; whether 800lbs in competition, or picking up your grandchildren.

After many years of working with senior athletes at Ocean State CrossFit, Ironclad Programming is especially proud to offer this program! With modifications to our daily class routines and other specified routines, these workouts prepare senior folks for life! All grandparents want to get on the ground  and wrestle with their family, but some cannot.

No one wants to say “no, I can’t” because they are physically unable. No one wants to fall down and fail to get up. Unfortunately, that is a reality as people progress in age, if they do not continue to move.

With slow, controlled movements and low intensity, these routines add years of active life to people maturing in age. What may seem like a Box Step-Up in the gym actually helps an athlete walk up the stairs instead of installing a lift. What may seem like a light-weight Dumbbell Snatch in the gym actually helps an athlete put away the groceries in the top shelf.

This program will offer three workouts per week, posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Feel free to refer to the programming and perform at your convenience. Minimal equipment is needed, although a gym membership is encouraged. Simple equipment in daily program may include a light barbell, light kettle bell, light dumbbells, light medicine ball, rower and air bike.

We all need to move. When we stop moving, we become unable. This program will keep you moving safely, slowly, and under control, but moving nevertheless, for years to come!