Rhode Island Standings in the 2017 Open

Apr 4th, 2017

Rhode Island Standings in the 2017 Open

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Information for this post courtesy of CrossFit Inc; analyzed and interpreted by Ray Fleser.

The 2017 CrossFit Games Open has come to a close, and the numbers have been analyzed.

2016 Standings

In 2016, the numbers were analyzed and totaled from a co-gender leaderboard, of the top 100 athletes in Rhode Island. 10 points were given to athletes 1-10, 9 points to athletes in 11-20, 8 points to athletes in 21-30, etc. The points were allocated to the athletes’ respective gyms, and a leaderboard of overall performance was posted.

This post and leaderboard reflect a philosophy I believe in: a gym should be analyzed and judged on its ability to train and cultivate many athletes, not just a small group of elitists. With respect to elitists, and higher scoring athletes, the points athletes earned for their gym were directly proportional to their placing in the Open.
For example, an athlete in the top 10 earned 10 points for their gym, while an athlete in the 80s earned 2 points. Although 2 points is not a lot, if a gym had one athlete who was in the top 10 and no others in the top 100, and another gym had 10 athletes in the 80s and no other athletes higher, I would still rank that second gym higher, believing that that it did a superior job in cultivating its membership.

2017 Female Rankings

Due to a change in the custom leaderboard, the Rhode Island board was broken up, providing a male and female leaderboard. This was used in the analytics of the 2017 Open, and the numbers presented in this post.
Unlike the 2016 analytics with a co-gender leaderboard of the top 100 in Rhode Island, the 2017 analytics used the top 50 men, and top 50 women. This proved to be a more equal measure due to an imbalance of male/female scores in the 2016 leaderboard, and provided more data, increasing the validity of these standings. For example, before considering the overall standings of the gyms, it is clear to see where a gym lies in regards to gender-dominant performance.

This year, of more than 20 CrossFits and over 600 athletes competing in the State of Rhode Island, representation was diverse. The top 50 women represented 12 different gyms, and the top 50 men represented 13 different gyms!

2017 Rhode Island Standings

Top 5 CrossFit Box Performances in the 2017 CrossFit Open:

  1. 1. Ocean State CrossFit

  2. 2. Full Range CrossFit

  3. 3. Red Island CrossFit

  4. 4. CrossFit Providence

  5. 2017 Male Rankings

    5. CrossFit Thermopylae

From Masters athletes to young superstars, from the rookies to the seasoned veterans, congratulations to everyone in the State of Rhode Island for a strong finish in the 2017 CrossFit Games Open.


Whatever gym you represented,

your effort helped raise the bar for everyone,

making 2017 Rhode Island’s fittest year to date!