On Ramp

When you join OSCF, we’re not going to just throw you into the fire any more than we’d throw you into the deep end of a pool before you learn to swim. The On Ramp Program is an introductory course we require you to take before diving into a regular CrossFit class.

On Ramp consists of 4 personal training sessions with one of our coaches.  These sessions are scheduled at your convenience and will introduce the methods behind our program, the progressions to the movements, the science behind WHY it works, and even nutrition so you’ll learn how to fuel your body and your workouts.

First, we cover technique and proper mechanics so that you can learn how to do the movements correctly. Then you’ll learn how to take that movement and increase your intensity, whether that means more reps or more weight. There will be a workout during each class session that will increase in intensity as your fitness increases… at your pace. The difficulty in these workouts is ultimately in your hands.

After completion of the On Ramp Program, you will be ready physically, and you will be confident to attend any of our regular classes. We look forward to getting you started and on your way to embracing the best fitness program you’ve ever done. And yes, you’ll even be comfortable doing burpees in public.

The price of On Ramp is $175 and covers your first 4 weeks at OSCF…  It will begin with 4 personal sessions with one of our full time coaches, and once completed, you will have access to unlimited classes for the remainder of your first 4 weeks.

For more information or to register, please contact David at david.oceanstatecrossfit@gmail.com