Boot Camp and Core

IMG_1761-5KIf you ARE INTERESTED in:

  • The goal of CrossFit: General Physical Preparedness
  • Functional Movements
  • The class workout camaraderie
  • Hands-on instruction from dedicated coaches
  • Longer, cardio-style workout routines

And you are NOT INTERESTED in:

  • Heavy weightlifting
  • Advanced gymnastics
  • Advance Olympic lifts
  • Short interval sprint workouts
  • Competitive or scored workouts

Then our Boot Camp and Core program is for you!

With classes offered in the morning and evening, Monday-Friday, and classes on Sunday, our schedule will fit into your lifestyle, and get you working towards your goals!

View our schedule here!

You do not have to worry about advanced weightlifting, lifts beyond 50% of your 1 Rep Max (nothing too heavy) or any advanced gymnastics, and all of our workouts will last for at least 30 minutes of intense, fat-burning, heart-pumping cardio!