Ironclad Programming


Do you belong to a gym, but hate figuring out what to do for workouts?

Do you find yourself wandering around the gym without direction?

Do you pick through routines, hoping to find one that works?

Let us take the guess work out of your day

and provide you with proven workout routines

for just 30 cents a day! 

Ocean State CrossFit is proud to offer Ironclad Programming to you!

Proven at Ocean State CrossFit since 2011, these workouts have given tremendous results to thousands of people.
Formulated by coach Ray Fleser and the staff of Ocean State CrossFit,
Ironclad Programming provides diverse workouts for people of all interests.

If you have a weight issue, these workouts will tone you up!
If you want to get strong, these workouts will make you an animal! 
If you want to compete in fitness, these workouts will put you on the podium! 
If you just want to have fun with fitness, these workouts will keep your interest and coming back for more!

With new workouts posted daily, you will never get bored of repetition!

Ironclad Programming provides written descriptions for scaling, modifications, flow, and even demo videos.
Whether an experienced athlete or someone brand new to exercise,
Ironclad Programming is appropriate for all people, at all ages, at any level of experience!
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Read the following descriptions of our daily workouts and decide what workouts you will follow to achieve your fitness goals!
Remember, you get access to all of these workouts, everyday,
with written descriptions and demo videos,

for just 30 cents per day! 

General Fitness

Are you looking for a heart pounding, calorie burning, muscle-toning workout? Then our General Fitness routines are for you! These routines stem from a Bootcamp style class Ocean State CrossFit has run for years with amazing success and results!

These routines range from 30-40 minutes and include basic functional movements to rock your body into shape.

Our General Fitness routines do not require the skill and mobility demands of advanced movements, such as Muscle-Ups and Squat Snatches, but offer the same great burn and results! This allows for people with injuries, weight issues, or a lack of strength to participate and have a blast while getting in shape!

Combining movements like Rowing, Burpees, Kettlebell Swings and many more in varied intervals and configurations, this program keeps your body guessing and the calories burning!

For new athletes or those who need injury modifications, these routines can be tailored and performed by everyone. For experienced athletes who want to push their bodies to the limit, this program can be performed at incredible intensity, challenging even Ocean State CrossFit’s CrossFit Games athletes!

Athletic Development

Are you looking to become a well-rounded fitness athlete? If so, then our athletic development program is for you!

This programming stems from the traditional classes that have put Ocean State CrossFit on the worldwide map. These routines have sent athletes to the Reebok CrossFit Games and several teams to the CrossFit Regionals. The routines have turned high school athletes into college scholarships recipients. Our Athletic Development routines helped Providence Women’s Rugby team earn a 5th place nationwide finish, and has conditioned dozens of members for work in in the military and law enforcement.

With the modifications and written descriptions, these are the same routines that have allowed Reebok CrossFit Games athletes to workout in class alongside rookies to fitness, and everyone in between. Although it will condition you to the most incredible physical shape of your life, it is doable at all levels, even by beginers, thanks to our modification descriptions.
This program prepares you for whatever hurtles may lie ahead in the realm of fitness. We all need to jump higher, run faster, improve our strength, coordination and agility, right?

Our Athletic Development routines incorporate elements from all areas of competitive fitness, including Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Strongman, calisthenics and much more.

Whether you are preparing for Boot Camp or the Police Academy, a local fitness competition or even the CrossFit Games, the high school soccer team or college rugby team, or just trying to improve your personal fitness athletic abilities, this program will make you a machine!

Senior Fitness

“The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind” -Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder

We all need to Squat; whether 500lbs in competition or getting off the couch. We all need to Deadlift; whether 800lbs in competition, or picking up your grandchildren.

After many years of working with senior athletes at Ocean State CrossFit, Ironclad Programming is especially proud to offer this program! With modifications to our daily class routines and other specified routines, these workouts prepare senior folks for life! All grandparents want to get on the ground on the wrestle with their family, but some cannot.

No one wants to say “no, I can’t” because they are physically unable. No one wants to fall down and fail to get up. Unfortunately, that is a reality as people progress in age, if they do not continue to move.

With slow, controlled movements and low intensity, these routines add years of active life to people maturing in age. What may seem like a Box Step-Up in the gym actually helps an athlete walk up the stairs instead of installing a lift. What may seem like a light-weight Dumbbell Snatch in the gym actually helps an athlete put away the groceries in the top shelf.

We all need to move. When we stop moving, we become unable. This program will keep you moving safely, slowly, and under control, but moving nevertheless, for years to come!

Core and Physique Fitness

We all want to look good, right?

The results from our General Fitness and Athletic Development are incredible, and include tons of flattering aesthetics. You will not find too many people crushing our General Fitness routines without a six-pack, and toned arms. Nor will you find athletes dominating our Athletic Development routines who look anything other than a Greek statue.

However, sometimes we just want that good bicep pump, or chest routine, or core workout to get ready for the beach season. Sometimes, we just just want it because we love that burn.  These routines are great workouts to perform add in addition to our Athletic Development or General Fitness routines.

Additional Programming

Since 2011, coach Ray Fleser has logged more than 13,000 hours instructing athletes. From classes to personal training, his experience ranges from injured and elderly to world class fitness competitors.
Fleser has kept meticulous records of his training processes. He has seen what programs do not work, what do work, and what programs work best. From weight-loss to specified competition needs, Fleser will trickle out additional programs in this section.
One post may follow an athlete who needed to improve their deadlift, and the program that worked. Another may follow an athlete who needed mobility help, and the program that worked. This is not to be followed by everyone because it is simply a display of proven methods by individuals with astounding results. But, to those whom it may apply, like all of Ironclad Fitness Programming, it is proven by the results of those who follow it.