Polar Team Heart Rate Tracking

Device worn around the chest

Heart rate monitors track intensity during workout!

Strap on a Polar Team Hear Rate Monitor, and view your activity during your workout.
After you workout, receive a detailed summary of your output.
View the pace of your heart rate, the intervals of intensity, the time for recovery, and the calories you burn!

Real-Time Work Output Display

Any class at Ocean State will accommodate for this service!

Race your friends at Boot Camp

or challenge each other

to see who pushed harder during a WOD!

Detailed Personal Summary of Work Output

How to get involved with Polar Team Hear Rate Monitoring:

  • Step 1: purchase polar heart rate monitor ($65)
  • Step 2: contact David.OceanStateCrossFit to have your heart rate monitor synced to Ocean State’s technology.
  • Step 3: once synced the Polar Team app, athletes fill out a profile to establish baselines and max hear rates.
  • Step 4: Participate! Athletes can monitor their heart rate during class on the tv monitor. The polar team app shows heart rate in real-time during all stages of the workout and provides a summary after the session!

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