Memorial Day Murph

11026130_1041036752576631_5445680797063502597_nEvery Memorial Day, our community gets together, in honor of all who have sacrificed for this great nation, by suffering through the grueling Murph Challenge!

This workout begins with a long run, followed by Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, and Squats, and finishes with another long run.

Our coaches and staff host this event, and all athletes are encouraged to participate. Our coaches help all athletes find a method of the workout that is appropriate for their ability, and we embrace the suck, together.

The Murph Challenge is in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy, US Navy SEAL, and we suffer through this workout to remind us, and pay respect, to all the men and women of our armed forces.

This event is free for members, and we accept donations for military related charities.

Following the event, we have our annual Memorial Day barbecue, with food, beverage, lawn games and fun!

Memorial Day Murph is NOT limited to active members, and ALL are welcome to participate in this event!

For more information about this event, visit our Facebook page here!