6th Annual Master’s Throwdown

Jun 22nd, 2017

6th Annual Master’s Throwdown

On Sunday, June 11th, Ocean State CrossFit hosted its 6th Annual Master’s Throwdown.

The Throwdown

Many athletes came out to have fun and compete amidst a busy spring calendar. Events this Spring include Regionals, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and the North East Fitness Invitational. Despite the packed calendar, over 50 athletes attended the event, making a fun experience for everyone.

This year, the smaller registration yielded a much more personal event. In previous years, the registration topped over 150 participants. This called for three or four event floors, which littered the Ocean State property, creating a pandemonium of fitness. The huge events of the past were outrageous fun, but this year was a nice change a pace.

Smaller heats allowed awesome judge-athlete interaction.  The MC had the chance to interact with each athlete before, during and after each event. For example, a mid-WOD critique on the Event 2 helped athlete Kitima Boonvisudhi PR her Snatch! This was never possible with the size of previous Throwdowns. The athletes also had more time in between events, necessary for recovery on the hot June afternoon.

With steaks, hot dogs and burgers on the grill, athletes and volunteers had a fun afternoon of eating and competing. Many attendees even stayed around afterwards for to congregate over some beverages.

Athlete Performances

Throughout the competition, several athletes demonstrated amazing performances. Here are a few highlights!

Joe Forgue, a combat veteran, had double knee surgeries last February from shrapnel in Iraq.  At the Master’s Throwdown, Joe got on top of a 24-inch box and then a 30-inch box for the first time post-op!


Vidal DeDedeiros, a correctional officer and veteran, could not perform Toes-to-Bar because of a shoulder injury. A mid-event tip from the MC relieved the stress on his shoulder. He then completed the Toes-to-Bar and he kept progressing through the reps.


Brian Morse almost withdrew from the competition one week before, due to a back spasm he suffered in training. After a week of nursing his injury, he competed. He then PRd both his Snatch AND his Clean and Jerk in Event 2, the Lift Off.


Neil Collins and Susan Walter, the two Jedi Masters (age 65+) performed every event with proficiency. Both athletes demonstrated great metabolic conditioning in Event 1, strength during Event 2, speed during Event 3, and even gymnastic proficiency as they both completed Toes to Bar and high Box Jumps on Event 4!


To all the athletes who came and made our 6th Annual Master’s Throwdown a fun competition, the volunteers who helped run a fast and effiecient event, the vendors who set up and contributed to a great event and the spectators who brought the support and energy, THANK YOU!