Get Shredded this Summer for $7 per Day!

May 30th, 2017

Get Shredded this Summer for $7 per Day!

You tried and didn’t get results! 

You tried the gyms, you tried the gimmicks, you tried the diets… You’ve had a bunch of memberships, every year a new resolution, but you still haven’t gotten the results you were after. 

It is time for you to try something new!

Intimidated by the gym?

Do you feel lost at the gym, not knowing what to do? Do you feel like just another face in the crowd? Do you want to workout with friends, in a community that cares about you and wants to see you succeed? 

It is time to stop doing it alone!  

Lost your motivation? 

Have you lost motivation to go the gym? Do you want to be passionate about working out, looking forward to fitness? Do you want it to be the best part of your day, instead a burden?

It is time to make fitness fun again!

Show up with an open mind and a savage work ethic, surround yourself with right people, receive the right coaching, and you will have the results you’ve been after!

This is not a 15 minute ab gimmick, or an overnight fitness fad. If you come here, your workout is programmed by a professional, you are coached by professionals, and you will work your ass off with your friends! 

Space is limited to the first 20 people who want to change their lives!

Our OnRamp session starts Monday, July 10th. We are offering morning AND evening sessions. Come to whichever time is most convenient, and you MAY switch between morning and evening classes. 

Each class is taught by a fitness professional from our full time staff. Whether you have experience or this is your first time at the gym, our coaches are trained to guide you to success. To view our staff, click here.

At less than $7 per day, you receive one month of fitness, including 8 small group sessions with our coaches, for $189.


Upon completing your 8 session OnRamp, you will have unlimited access to the facility and classes! To view our class options, click here.

From the following schedule, chose the morning sessions OR the evening sessions that best fit your schedule!

Week 1:

Session 1: Monday, July 10, 8am & 730pm: Fitness philosophy, intro workout
Session 2: Wednesday, July 12, 8am & 730pm: Nutrition basics, Squat Series
Session 3: Thursday, July 13, 8am & 730pm: Macronutrient basics and meal planning, Deadlift and Kettlebells
Session 4: Friday, July 14, 8am & 630pm: Clean Series

Week 2:

Session 5: Monday, July 17, 8am & 730pm: Snatch Series
Session 6: Wednesday, July 19, 8am & 730pm: Shoulder to Overhead Series
Session 7: Thursday, July 20, 8am & 730pm: Basic Gymnastics
Session 8: Friday, July 21, 8am & 630pm: Traditional movements and Graduation! 

Week 3 & 4:

Unlimited Membership at Ocean State CrossFit


Does it work? Check out these testimonials, all of which are current members! 

100lbs Weight Loss and Savage Athleticism out of Former Cheerleader

Valerie Scott, 27, came to Ocean State CrossFit three years ago.

In that time, she has lost a total of 100lbs! Her clothing size went down nine sizes, from 26 to 8!

While losing weight, Valerie developed a passion for weightlifting and fitness competition. Participating in the CrossFit Open for the past three years, Valerie has improved her worldwide ranking about 26,000 places, from 30k-4k!

“I was brought to Ocean State by a friend, then brought a few more, and made a ton more. The people here, and the good times we have, make a fun experience out of the misery that is fitness. Love my fitfam.”

Athletic Police Officer in his 30s, looking for a new gym to boost his fitness:

Brian Morse, 35, came to Ocean State CrossFit less than one year ago. Already an active man, he wanted to get stronger and take his fitness to a higher level. He felt he had plateaued at his former gym.

In less than one year, Brian put 30lbs on his Back Squat for 355lbs, 75lbs on his Clean and Jerk for 225lbs, 60lbs on his Snatch for 155lbs, and 105lbs on his Deadlift for 405lbs.

During this time of increased strength, he has lost 20lbs, learned advanced gymnastics, and made a 14,000 place worldwide improvement in the 2017 CrossFit Open!

“Coming to Ocean State has given me a huge boost of confidence. My biggest gains have been in Gymnastic movements, especially Muscle Ups, which I was never able to do before coming here. The strive for improvement has kept me dedicated and resist my old temptations and excessive partying. The friendly competitiveness between everyone drives me to push myself. And I love how everyone is welcoming and helpful.”

50 year old woman, never worked out, down on herself and wanted a change:

Bren Provost, 51, came to Ocean State CrossFit less than six months ago. Frustrated with her physical state, Bren wanted a change.  

“Year 50 SUCKED! I had high cholesterol, back issues, gained weight, was depressed, and knew something had to change.”

In the past six months, Bren lost 17lbs and took 5 inches off her waist. Having never lifted weights, she learned the movements and has added strength to all of her lifts.

When Bren started at OSCF, she could not squat and suffered from chronic back pain. She now squats with full ROM up to 85lbs, and Deadlifts 125lbs, and lives without any pain. 

“When I started I could not Squat, Press, or move my joints the way God wanted me to. Now, my at 51, my joints work, the pain has gone away and taken fat with it, and I am feeling stronger and more confident every day! Since starting at Ocean State, my confidence went from 0-10!!! What I Love most is a nonjudgemental, accepting environment, where the coaches and athletes believe in you… Until you believe in yourself :)”

Young professionally-drafted Hockey Player, looking for an environment to substitute competitive sports:

Sydney Collins, 24, started at Ocean State CrossFit less than six months ago. A former college hockey player and lifelong team sport athlete, Sydney wanted something competitive to fill the void.

Learning quickly and competing in her first CrossFit Open, Sydney placed 24th in Rhode Island in 2017! 

Her lifts have had tremendous improvements. She put 25lbs on her Bench Press for 160lbs, 30lbs on her Clean and Jerk for 165lbs, 70lbs on her Snatch for 135lbs, and 20lbs on her Deadlift for 320lbs!

“Since starting at Ocean State, I have made so many new friends that I have grown very close to. I love the people who put in the work day in, and day out, and always welcome you with a smile, no matter what else is going on in the world.”

Already fit Martial Arts Instructor becomes an absolute animal

David Babits, 34, Ocean State CrossFit’s featured member in January, came to Ocean State CrossFit to build upon a lifetime of martial arts fitness.

In his three years at OSCF, Babits has lost 18lbs, and become an absolute freak of fitness.

In the CrossFit Open, a true test of fitness, Babits placed 56,000 worldwide in 2015. He then climbed 20,000 places in 2017,  and placed 49th in Rhode Island.

All of his lifts have improved tremendously, and he has learned many new movements including gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting.

“I love the coaches, the programming, the members and community. Everyone is friendly. They motivate each other and are genuinely happy and proud of each other when completing a workout or lift. It makes coming to the gym the highlight of my day, not the obstacle.”