Open Party and Friday Night Fights

Apr 17th, 2017

Open Party and Friday Night Fights

Ocean State CrossFit hosts an annual party

to close the CrossFit Games Open,

known as Friday Night Fights

Final fight of the night!

On Friday night, April 7, athletes competed in head-to-head fitness “fights” and celebrated their efforts with a party, including a huge buffet of food and beverage.

Friday Night Fights brings out friendly competition with head-up style matches.

Over 10 fights went down on Friday night, a few highlights included:

Mother vs. Daughter

Grace vs. Gina

A maternal feud unfolded this year with teen-athlete Grace Lynne and her mother, Gina. The fight started when Grace began coming to CrossFit Teens. Everyday, Grace wanted to do whatever lift her mother had most recently done, and try to get 5 more pounds. Sneaky girl…

With several years of CrossFit experience, Gina could not let her daughter one-up her in the public eye. Over a 12 minute workout, involving Rowing, Deadlifts, Wallballs and Burpees, the athletes were TIED at the 11:30 mark.

In the final moments, a blast of adrenaline kicked in, and Gina came out on top, proving once and for all, that the mama bear still holds sway over the cub.

Val vs. DWS

Valerie on the Clean and Jerks

Two polar opposites had a chance to fight when their opponents dropped out. When I saw both athletes as free agents, I had no choice but to pin them against each other.

Valerie Scott loves weightlifting. You can find her at Olympic Weightlifting, and often stays after class for additional heavy lifting.

She’ll Clean 175, Snatch 135, and go rogue on Calisthenics Day.

Anyone who speaks to David will know that he is the self-proclaimed Fittest Man You Know. The grounds for such a claim remain his Cindy score of 30 Rounds. A score which no one except his brother can validate. Can you say, bro-reps?

Valerie for the win, DWS in a 5k t-shirt

David neglects Weightlifting and loathes Double-Unders. The once Division 1 college soccer player avoids these movements like the plague, rattling off every excuse, often alluding back to his Cindy score. Despite his hate for the Snatch, get in a 5k foot race with this sleek animal, and he will leave you nipping at his heels.

From differences in fitness preferences, to extreme varying political opinions, Valerie and David made for a fun fight. With a workout of balanced strength and coordination vs. motor and endurance, the two had an even fight up until the final minute!

Valerie came out on top, something that will never be justified in David’s recounting of the evening.

More Notable Fights

Sydney’s first muscle up, during 14.2

Sydney Collins, a new face around the gym, took on Alyssa Frezza. Both ladies performed bar muscle ups, a movement they had just acquired in the 2017 CrossFit Open, event 17.2! Tied throughout the first half, Collins’ Double-Unders started slowing down and Frezza took the fight.

Danny Schuetz and Brian Morse battled out with similar movements. Both heavyweights coming in over 200 pounds, the muscle ups became a regulating movements throughout the fight. Over the 12 minute battle, Morse would fall behind on Double-Unders, and catch up to Danny on the muscle ups.

A last sprint out of Danny made the two athletes tied up with 15 seconds left, and a moment of instability put Danny on his back, giving Morse the chance to take the fight by 2 reps!

Ashleigh making her way to the finish!

Athletes from Ocean State’s Finest battled in the final fights of the evening. Movements included 30 Ring Muscle Ups, 250 feet of Handstand Walks, and 30 Squat Snatches ranging from 135/95 to 215/145 pounds!

Ashleigh Cornell took first for the females, and Alex Bozenhard got a quick jump right out of the gate in the male fight, held onto that lead, and took first by a few short seconds.

After Party at PJs Pub

Attendees, both fighters and spectators, brought food and beverage, creating an incredible spread throughout the night!

Following the fights, people congregated and enjoyed the in-house party, eventually making their way up the hill to our local stomping ground, PJ’s Pub.

Paul, PJ’s owner, always puts on a great time with his staff, and welcomes the members of Ocean State with phenomenal service and great drinks!