A Friendly Safety Reminder For Ironclad Programming Subscribers

Important Frequency, De-Load and Volume Recommendations

From Coach Ray Fleser

Ironclad Programming Will Not Schedule Off Days

Functionality for all Members

Different subscribers have different available workout days. Therefore, Ironclad Programming provides full-intensity routines 7 days per week.

Some members can only work out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while others can only work out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Ironclad Programming provides full intensity for varying athletes under these circumstances.

Develop a Schedule for Yourself

The scheduling of themes, the checklists of movements, and the diversity to workouts remains specifically and intentionally varying from week to week. Not every Monday is Squat Day, nor is every Tuesday Clean Day. The themes’ frequency is regulated but appears on different days over time.

This scheduling allows for every subscriber to Ironclad Programming to develop a convenient rest-day schedule for themselves. For example, if you take every Wednesday off, you will still receive 100% of the movements within weeks, as not every Wednesday is the same programming or stimulus.

Be sure to program yourself a rest day and never perform full-instensity workouts everyday for multiple weeks in a row. Coach Fleser strongly recommends at least one rest day per week.

Ironclad Programming Will Not Schedule De-Load Periods

Functionality for all Members

For similar reasons to not programming off-days, Ironclad Programming provides full-insensity programming all year long.

Some members begin subscriptions in the winter, others in the summer. To give all athletes the best results possible, the programming does not de-intensify at any point during the year.

Develop a Schedule for Yourself

Similarly to the recommended off-days at your convenience, schedule a de-load period for yourself.

De-load period means you perform the normal programming with weight and intensity modifications.

When lifting weights, stay below 70%. For example, if your 1 Rep Max  Back Squat is 100 lbs, during a de-load period, build in the normal prescribed sets, but build up as if your 1 rep max was 70 lbs. If you normally swing a 53 lbs kettlebell in workouts, swing a 35.

Overall pace and speed of workouts should remain sub-maximal. For example, if your normal Burpee pace is 10 per minute, operate at 6 or 7. If your normal row pace is 1600 cal/hour, operate at 1000. If you can perform the Option 1’s 4″ deficit Handstand Push-Ups, perform Option 2’s neutral Handstand Push-Ups.

Mobility and speed movements can also be modified. For example, if Squat Snatches and Ring Muscle Ups stress your joints and make them sore, modify the movement to give your joints a sub-maximal stimulation.

A good de-load frequency should be about 20% of your workouts, which varies person to person. For example, work at maximum intensity for 4 weeks, and take 1 week to deload. You could also make every 5th workout day a de-load day, resulting in a weekly de-load day, commonly referred to as active recovery. In some cases, if you feel your body aching for days at a time and your lifts are beginning to suffer, you can de-load for 2-3 weeks. Although this may seem excessive, many athletes perform very well after an extended de-load period, which allowed the body to recover to peak condition.

Coach Fleser strongly recommends at least 20% of your workouts are performed at a sub-maximal intensity. 

Additional Programming Does Not Impact Athletic Development Programming

Inclusiveness of Athletic Development

Athletic Development programming encompasses all movements in competitive fitness and general physical preparedness. With a consistent scheduled off-day, such as every Tuesday, you will still get an even dose of all necessary stimulus and practice at all necessary movements.

For most athletes, following Ironclad’s Athletic Development programming 5-6 days per week at maximum intensity is sufficient volume for incredible results!

Only After Athletic Development, if More is Doable

Some high-level athletes, such as fitness competitors, may be physically able to perform more volume than the prescribed Athletic Development. If that is the case, Additional Programming is there as options for more work.

Additional Programing is NOT inclusive and should not replace Athletic Development. Athletic Development adheres to a schedule and list of protocols, which can lead to Additional Programming directly interfering with Athletic Development.

For example, if Wednesday is Front Squat Day for Athletic Development, that takes precedence and programming will display the Front Squat work. Coincidently, Additional Programming may be in the middle of a squat program and have Front Squats programmed on Wednesday.

The intention is not for all athletes to perform Athletic Development and Additional Programming every day. To perform all prescribed work will most likely result in over training.

Additional Programming is simply there to add volume to your Athletic Development routines if you are feeling good and the prescribed Additional Programming is something that you need!   

Never Perform Multiple Full Days of Ironclad Programming in a Row

Not a Challenge for Volume

Ironclad Programming provides up to 5 hours of work per day. This is not a challenge for you to attempt. Programs may run over each other and interfere with each other. The intention is for you to decide a routine or two and workout for an hour or two per day, 5-6 days per week.

Attempting to perform all prescribed work can result in overtraining and injury, especially if performed multiple days in a row. 

Members of Ocean State are Not Encouraged

Although the Ironclad Programming workouts are from various daily classes at Ocean State CrossFit, members do not take more than 2-3 classes per day. The high-level athletes who can handle immense volume still remain under 3 classes, and perform that volume very infrequently.

If Coach Fleser sees athletes stack 2-3 classes in a row for several days in a row, he sometimes disallows high volume for upcoming days.

When in Doubt, Modify

Your Well-Being is More Important than Gains

If your hands are ripped and programming calls for Muscle Ups, modify! If your back is sore and programming calls for Deadlifts, modify! If you thought you would make Saturday your de-load day but it turns out you are massacred on Thursday, modify!

Many athletes have anxiety about missing days, especially days they like, but always listen to your body and modify the programming to make your workouts fun and safe!