WOD for Will

12241083_10102377767267200_2840755763939703398_oOn January 30, 2016, Ocean State CrossFit and the world lost an amazing person, William Huntington.

Coach Will helped get Ocean State CrossFit off the ground, and was the first Head Coach under Founder, Aaron Meredith.

During his life, Will touch the lives of many, as a gifted athlete, talented coach, and amazing friend.

Coach Will passed away in his sleep at age 31, and we will continue to do WOD for Will, a workout composed of his favorite movements, in his honor, on the anniversary of his passing.

This workout is carried out on January 30, whatever day of the week that may be. On this day, we open our doors to anyone who knew this amazing man. All are welcome to participate in the workout, or come to congregate throughout the day, and remember the life of Coach Will.

The workout:

20 minute running clock:

12 minute AMRAP
-12 KB Swings
-12 T2B
-12 Power Snatches
-12 Burpee Bar Hops

Rx: 70/53, T2B, 95/65
Sc: 53/35, Sit-Ups, 75/55
Modified: coaches on staff will help with any further modification needs

This is a partner workout, with a tag-team style to complete reps. One partner does all 12 reps, then the other does all 12, then they move on to the next movement, etc.

Remaining 8 mintues to establish 1RM Clean. Preferably a Squat Clean, Coach Will’s favorite movement.¬†However, anything heavy will honor him properly

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