Drop-In Conditions

Ocean State CrossFit welcomes all athletes, of all abilities, and encourages drop-ins from all areas to workout with us!

To ensure that all drop-in athletes are aware of normal class operation and programming style, we require drop-ins to be members of our blog for Ironclad Programming, which costs 9.99 per month. With paid membership to our blog, drop-in rates are then $10 per class, or $25 per week. For multiple weeks, monthly membership or pro-rated monthly membership may apply.

Knowing the style of classes and the nature of our programming will ensure drop-ins arrive to Ocean State CrossFit knowing the flow of our classes. 

It is our hope that as followers of our blog and programming before or after your drop-in, you continue to view our posts and perform our routines at your home gym! 

For full information about Ironclad Programming, click here!

To view our blog, click here!

To sign up for Ironclad Programming, click here! 

Note: a current membership to our blog is required at the time of the drop-in, however, you may cancel at any time.