CrossFit Open: Update for Week 3

Mar 19th, 2017

CrossFit Open: Update for Week 3

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17.3 got some people excited, some people irritated, and made others reach new heights. Pretty typical of Open programming… We always see at least one Open workout like this; a movement that people love, limited by a movement people hate. Maybe you love the Snatch, but you don’t have the Chest to Bar Pull-Ups. Or, maybe you love the gymnastics, but are not confident with the Snatch…

When it all boiled down, 17.3 was a savage mix of basic gymnastics and Olympic lifting, that got heavier and spicier as time went on. In typical “ladder” fashion, the fitter you are, the more time you get, and weight you get to lift.

Here are a few notable performances in 17.3 from members at Ocean State CrossFit.


Eddie Dilibero plays a casual pace on his Chest to Bars in training during the year, due to the irritation kipping causes on his shoulder. In addition, his 1RM Snatch weighs in at 185lbs.

The kid kept it cool and composed, and was able to clear the first 6 rounds with all singles on C2B, advancing to the 185lbs bar, and putting up multiple reps!

It is always awesome to see people hit their 1RM for reps at the end of  MetCon.

The one and only Chris Cooney, one of the hardest working guys at the gym, focusing and chambering-up for the lift of his life.

Before 17.4, Cooney had a 215 lifetime best, but was driven to hit 225. After a first crack on Friday, he cleared the 185 bar, and failed 3 attempts at 225.

He rested up, got his head right, and made it happen on Monday. Seeing a 10lbs PR is awesome… Seeing a 10lbs PR on a Snatch Ladder at 225lbs during the Open is legendary!


Sydney Collins is an amazing athlete that just started CrossFit in January.

Referred to Ocean State CrossFit to challenge herself after a lifetime of elite level sports including collegiate Women’s Hockey, Sydney picked up on things quickly.

Although a natural athlete and a fast learner, most things were brand new. She had never done a Pull-Up, nor had she conditioned the Snatch.

She got her first Pull-Ups one month before the Open, and her first Chest to Bar one week before! With a 1RM Snatch of 110lbs, it was savage to see her get deep into Round 5, clearing 32 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups and 29 Snatches, building to 95lbs, in only 8 minutes!


Michele Armstrong, like Sydney, is a new athlete in the CrossFit world, coming from a background in Rugby.

Still playing competitively for Providence Women’s Rugby, Michele is throwing down in the Open for fun, just to test herself and see where she measures up. That being said, the kid brings a level of hunger and commitment to be admired.

Being new to all of these movements, she figured out the kip and the Chest to Bar, in hopes to put up reps in 17.4.

With a personal best 1RM Snatch of 85lbs, Michele was reaching for the stars when she entered round 4 (which was pretty sweet because that means 25 more Chest to Bars than she’d ever done).

After a few misses, she settled her nerves, gained her composure, and was able to hit a 10bs PR and put up 95lbs, TWICE! #gainz


Bill Randall is another athlete taking part in his first Open, having started CrossFit within the last year.

When I saw him do 17.3 on Friday, I noticed that he had Butterfly Chest to Bar Pull-Ups. He cleared the first 6 rounds and got to the 185lbs bar, but was too exhausted to hit a rep, and he failed on several attempts. 185lbs is Bill’s current 1RM Snatch.

He came back on Sunday, and we set up a new approach with slightly varied movement patterns. He made it to 185lbs, again, and hit it, TWICE!

Bill is a testament to where fitness has come over the years, and how fast people can progress with proper coaching, programming, and surroundings. I explained to him, and the class, when we finished, how incredible it was to see a rookie hitting Butterfly C2B and Snatching 185 at the end of a MetCon…

I explained that I took part in a comp at CrossFit Taj, almost 4 years ago, in which the announcer was calling out the elite athletes who could do Butterfly C2B. That same year, I placed in an unsanctioned Olympic weightlifting meet, hitting a 185lbs Snatch. Fast forward 4 years, and rookies are hitting these movements and numbers in the Open.

Examples like this are truly inspring, and represent that the sport of CrossFit is continuing to grow; helping new people reach levels of athleticism that did not exist, even just a short time ago.

These are just a few of the amazing performances at Ocean State CrossFit during 17.3, click here to view more pictures, courtesy of the volunteered time of Megan Ellery, of Ellery Photography!