What is CrossFit?

What is Ocean State CrossFit?

15122903_1383853941646369_6242904815949416557_oOcean State CrossFit is among the pioneering CrossFit boxes in the State of Rhode Island. Founded in 2011, OSCF has been here since the beginning. We pride ourselves with staying up to date with methods to develop the very best in athletic development.

Whether it is your first time at the gym, or you are an elite athlete, Ocean State CrossFit will push you to new limits in a safe and fun environment!

From fitness challenges, community support, and competition, we make sure all of our members have the best opportunity top accomplish their individual fitness goals.

Our dedicated staff is here to make sure you get the attention and coaching to guide you to success. All you have to do is show up and work!

Our community is filled with hundreds of dedicated, caring people. From internal fitness throwdowns, partner workouts, holiday parties and community fundraisers, we work hard together and enjoy a strong community social life!

The bonds you make with the people you work with will last a lifetime, and we identify on that common ground!

So… What is CrossFit?

Annotated by Ray Fleser, all philosophies courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

14525071_1333714363326994_4940482366017697418_oCrossFit is a strength and conditioning program, like many others, that is goal oriented. For example, if you were on a Body Building program, your goal would be to increase muscle mass and lean-out. If you were on a Running program, your goals would involve shaving time on specific distances. If you were on a Powerlifting program, your goals would be to increase the Bench, Squat and Deadlift. The list of goals and programs goes on, and on.

What is CrossFit’s goal?

The goal of CrossFit is to achieve an increased work capacity, across broad time and modal domains.

To break down and simplify, if you consider “work” to be Mass x Distance, and you consider two athletes, each 150lbs, each runs one mile, 5,280 feet, there is a tangible, measurable amount of work attributed to that task.  If one athlete comes back in 6 minutes, and the other in 10 minutes, then the first athlete had a better work capacity in this particular domain. Otherwise stated, a better ability to move mass, one mile, by means of running.

15800201_1437513772947052_1343497322771650615_oWe have considered one circumstance: running. But, what about weightlifting? Swimming? Biking? A CrossFit program is successful when it’s athletes are competent in all aspects of fitness. In other words, if a CrossFitter gets in the water, they’ll swim fast. If a CrossFitter gets on a bicycle, they’ll ride far.  If a CrossFitter approaches a barbell, they’ll lift heavy.

The Hopper Theory:

14305231_1312023442162753_4596871218851395308_oAnother way of thinking about the goal of CrossFit is known as the Hopper Theory. Imagine a lottery hopper, a cage with balls that are numbered and drawn at random. Replace the numbers with various physical tasks that have come up in fitness sports, such as a 1-Mile Run, 400 meter sprint, max Bench Press, max Push-Ups in a minute, etc. and you wrote one on each ball. If you drew out 5 balls at random, a CrossFitter would win a competition across those events, against other specialized athletes.  The CrossFitter will not perform the sub 3-hour Marathon, or a 500lbs Bench Press, or a 4-minute mile, but they will do all of it. And do it well…

It is not about being the best at one thing, but instead, being very good at everything!

Identify your weaknesses, or “goats”

14876568_1356583107706786_1837019972003953049_oWorking the weaknesses… Another philosophy within the Hopper Theory is the acknowledgement of problem areas, or gaps in fitness. If you were in a competition with the hopper was spinning, and there was a ball that you did not want to come up, and you are sitting there thinking “please, don’t be running. Don’t be running…”

The philosophy, in this instance, is that you should now identify running as a gap in your fitness, and you should train the run, and all the factors that make it so miserable, until you are confident enough to embrace that ball being drawn. Instead of shying away from gaps, take them on! Whether it means not strong enough, not mobile enough, a body weight problem, or any other reason a movement plagues you, take on the problem!  When you fix the problem area, and become competent with that movement, you will see all of your other areas improve along with it.

How does CrossFit do this?

14324260_1313913301973767_8048884976513865951_oCrossFit, by definition, is performing constantly varied, functional movements, at a high intensity.

Movements performed in CrossFit workouts translate to function movement patters in life. Everyone Squats, whether it be with 400lbs, or getting off the toilet. Everyone Deadlifts, whether 600lbs, or lifting a basket of laundry. Everyone Lunges, whether Overhead with a barbell, or walking up and down the stairs.

The general physical needs of Olympians and the elderly do not differ in type, only by intensity.

CrossFit workouts combine aspects of Olympic Weightlifting, Calisthenics, Powerlifting and Gymnastics to replicate movements in life, perfect them, and do them a maximum intensity.

Upon learning proper movement mechanics and efficiency, your work capacity increases, and the result is an intense, cardiovascular, weightlifting workout!

The muscle-toning, fat-burning response from CrossFit workouts are unlike any other method of training, and you will see immediate results!

General Physical Preparedness for EVERYONE:

14715703_1348442868520810_6101913062172473604_oOk… This sounds like it is for elite athletes, or fitness competitors… How does this relate to athletes with zero interest in competition? Well… Those athletes make up the majority of CrossFitters! Most CrossFitters have no interest in competition, and are simply after the lifestyle that being fit provides!

We have seen just as many get of of heart and diabetes medications, by doing CrossFit, than we have seen win competitions!

People Crossfit to feel confident to go skiing with their grandchildren, or play in a recreation sports leagues, or go hiking. Most people want to say “yes” to physical activities, but are not physically able… CrossFit prepares you for any type of physical activity, and with scaling options and proper coaching, we can start from scratch with athletes at all levels!

Are all CrossFit the same?

No! CrossFit facilities share the name and the goal of Physical Preparedness, but do not share in their practices. CrossFit gyms, or Boxes, are affiliated with the brand, CrossFit, but are not governed or controlled by them. The programming, class offerings and schedule, coaching staff, equipment, and all the other components of the gym, are controlled by the owner(s) of that particular gym.

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