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1Contact OSCF

New to CrossFit?  Current CrossFitter looking for a new box?  Contact us at 401.287.8553, or email us at

2Establish Your Plan

Upon contacting our staff, we will establish the best plan for you. Getting involved with class? Setting up a personal OnRamp course to learn the movements? Whatever your level of fitness and experience is, we will identify and establish your best plan for success, together.

3CrossFit Classes

You are FINALLY ready for your first workout experience.  One of the awesome features of Ocean State CrossFit is that our workouts are intricately designed to accommodate for ALL ages and athletic abilities.  Whether you are starting out or an experienced CrossFitter, our workout prescription is tailored to your goals and capabilities.


As an member of Ocean State CrossFit, you become part of the BEST CrossFit Community around! We encourage you to take part in all of the gym sponsored activities we do inside the box and out in the local community.

Call 401.287.8553 to set-up a tour of our facility!

Talk to one of our Fitness Specialists and find the best programs for you.

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