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1Fitness Evaluation

New to CrossFit?  Current CrossFitter looking for a new box?  Either way our FREE Fitness Evaluation is designed to show you around our facility while evaluating if Ocean State CrossFit would be a good fit for your fitness needs.  We will also evaluate your current fitness with a quick workout.

2Register On Ramp

Who is Fran? How do you clean a medicine ball? Are burpees something you really should be doing in public? Chances are, if you have been checking out Ocean State CrossFit, these may be some of the questions running through your mind.  This is all covered in our On Ramp program which meets individually or in a group setting.

3CrossFit Classes

Your FINALLY ready for your first official WOD.  One of the awesome features of Ocean State CrossFit is that our workouts have seven levels of programing (Our BAND SYSTEM) designed for any fitness level.  So no matter where you are starting out, our workout prescription is built for your specific needs.


As an OFFICIAL Member of Ocean State CrossFit you now become part of the BEST CrossFit Community around. We encourage you to take part in all of the gym sponsored activities we do inside the box and out in the local community.










Call (401) 287.8553 or Click to sign up for a FREE Fitness Eval!
Talk to one of our Fitness Specialists and find the best programs for you.

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